Game 15: Crown of the Goblin King (Part IX)

First Temple Campaign

19th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.

The PCs continue to fight the goblins of the Jagged knife tribe in the heart of their warren. Moving on they assault the Kings chamber and encounter numerous guards, a half Orc acolyte and the King himself. During the fight the acolyte casts spells of fire, ice and rock, fighting to control and shape the primordial energy. The King is killed when Ko-Lag picks him up by the throat and marches into a fire spell controlled by Burne. After the fight they recover a black metal medallion of an open lidless eye.
662 xp each


I think Ko-lag’s carry of the King into the column of fire is worthy of a mention in there :)


Updated accordingly :)

MattR MattR

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