Game 16: Blood in the Snow (Part I)

First Temple Campaign

19th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
The PCs come upon a chamber where an ancient goblin shaman is sacrificing prisoners. Already a dead half-elf and halfling lie dead and the last of the children cowers in a corner. After a brief but violent fight the shaman and his guards are defeated and the last of the Falcon’s Hollow children are rescued.

20th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
The PCs spend the morning exploring the now abandoned goblin warrens. They find quarters for the women and children – now deserted. In another part of the warrens they investigate a cave in guarded by three ghostly shadows. They agree to return the children to Falcon’s Hollow, rest, resupply (since food is running short) and return to further investigate the warrens and abbey above. They spend the rest of the day preparing supplies and make-shift fur clothing to ward off the winter conditions. They say farewell to Regg their goblin cohort who dressed in the former king’s armor and carrying the head of a slain Grick marches off to find the fleeing women and start his own tribe.

21st & 22nd Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
The PCs set out from the abbey but the going is slow due to the snow, freezing conditions and the children. They camp under the edge of the forest that night and Otis hunts for game.

23rd Patchwall 1238: Northen Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
Early in the day the PCs reach the river ford. The river has partially frozen and Otis constructs a crude sled to pull himself across to secure a rope. Normally the ford in 4 feet deep and when he reaches the middle he finds the river is still flowing fast with barely two inches of ice on its surface. As he approaches the thicker ice on the far bank Jeva, the deranged Jackelware breaks cover and charges at him on all fours from the far bank. She is clearly starving and pays little attention to the frozen river.
337 xp each


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