Game 17: Blood in the Snow (Part II)

First Temple Campaign

23rd Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
Otis manages to pin Jeva to the ice which undoubtedly saves. However he gets knocked unconscious by the Jackelwares terrible roar. The rest of the PCs rain arrows and javelins down upon the immobilized Jeva and pull the unconscious Otis back across the frozen river. Burne hits the Jackelware with a massive pillar of fire and she falls into the raging river to be swept away under the ice.

The PCs spend several hours crossing the ford and head toward the southern edge of the forest in the direction of a plume of oily smoke. After several hours they narrowly avoid a spooked herd of moose like Dunlied. Ko-Lag and Otis manage to fell one of the beasts providing much needed food supplies. An hour later they come upon the remains of a logging camp. The buildings are burned to the ground with signs of battle everywhere. Lumberjacks and brigands lie dead in the snow. The PCs find evidence that the brigands made off with a cart loaded with lumber and trailing captured woodsmen.

24th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
The PCs resume their course for Falcon’s Hollow and by late afternoon Fernok and Otis catch up to the brigands slowed by their heavy cargo and the captured lumberjacks. Fernok overhears the leader ordering a march through the night because they are overdue in Falcon’s Hollow. The PCs circle the brigands and ambush them further down the road. After a brief battle half of the brigands run for the forest. Four tough orcs fight on – three are killed and one is knocked unconscious.
325 xp each


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