Game 18: Blood in the Snow (Part III)

First Temple Campaign

24th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, light snow.
The PCs interrogate the captured orc and release the enslaved lumberjacks. They arrive back at Falcon’s Hollow to find the town a burning wreck. The town was attacked twelve hours ago by brigands, orcs, gnolls, an ogre and at least one spell caster. Half of the town is destroyed and all able-bodied men, women and teenage boys have been abducted, branded and marched off in the direction of Kelston Ferry. Most of the towns’ key figures are either dead or missing. The PCs try their best to help the townsfolk and search for evidence as to who the raiders were and what they wanted. Circumstantial evidence points to a well coordinated attack designed to take slaves and building materials rather than to loot and pillage. The PCs work through the night and get a few hours sleep after dawn.

25th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, Blizzard.
After crossing the foam river the PCs give chase to the slavers. Through a driving blizzard they slog through freezing conditions toward Kelston Ferry. Every couple of miles they come upon the abandoned body of a dead townsperson or lumberjack.

26th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
Five miles from the Whitefire River and Kelston Ferry, upon a snow covered hill the PCs are confronted by a force of gnolls, bandits and an ogre. The group is lead by a priest clad in a black fur cloak, heavily embroidered tan colored robes and carrying a black iron shod staff. The priest casts spells which unleash torrents of raw elemental energy.
xp to be awarded after next session


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