Game 19: Blood in the Snow (Part IV)

First Temple Campaign

26th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
On a snow covered hilltop half way between Falcon’s Hollow and Kelston Ferry the PCs battle an ogre, gnolls, bandits and a priest clad in tan robes and a heavy black fur cloak. The priest unleashes torrents of raw elemental energy which burrow under the snow and explode in violent bursts of fire, ice and earth. With the priest’s dying breath he reaches for the cold iron medallion hanging from a silver chain around his neck and holding forth the symbol of a lidless eye proclaims, “You will bow before my Queen or rot at her feet.” Ko-Lag recovers an oversized, mithril embossed dwarven war maul from the ogre and identifies it as once belonging to the Dwarf Warden Nikkal Stonefist. That evening Burne casts an elaborate divination over the hammer at Ko-Lag’s request and receives a vision of two men talking about a Dwarf being hardy enough to survive for a couple more weeks!

28th Patchwall 1238: Kelston Ferry, Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
The PCs slog through the snow up the last hill to Kelston ferry. Beneath them running left to right is the sweeping arc of the Whitefire River. To the east the snow filled valley gives way to forests and more. Nestled in the valley on the far bank is the hamlet of Kelston Ferry, now ablaze! Townsfolk and slavers can be seen swarming in the streets, fighting and trying to avoid capture. In the town square a large group of men seem to be fighting a losing battle against a large force of gnolls. One of the two raft like ferries is ablaze and floating downstream – its guide ropes cut. On the far riverbank a group of bandits is busy cutting the second ferry loose. In the distance on the far side of the hamlet a single file line of slaves more than 5 miles long can been seen walking up into the hills.

The PCs gallop the remaining couple of miles to the western bank of the Whitefire River and in an incredible feat of endurance Ko-Lag swims the icy-cold river to retrieve a row boat from the far shore. The PCs cross the river by which time the last of the slavers has departed. This time the slavers seemed to move on quickly taking only the able bodied men from the village. Women and even teenage boys have been left behind. The PCs spend several hours helping the survivors, healing, and putting out fires. During this time they talk with Browlin Torr, a Leftenent in Selenica’s standing army. He tells them of his orders to travel south along the Norsway road and investigate rumours of banditry. After receiving no help from the Baron of Pirren’s Bluff and repelling a small group of gnoll bandits, he arrived in Kelston Ferry two days ago. Browlin’s company has been wiped out by the bandits and he has broken his back in several places. He implores the PCs to carry news of the attack to the Baron of Pirren’s Bluff and if he proves unhelpful then to continue on and warn the Viscount of Selenica.

The PCs spend much time discussing their options – whether to chase the bandits into the hills or head toward Pirren’s Bluff and Selenica for help. Eventually they decide to travel north, but visit the hamlet of Greenbrook on the way to assess the situation there.

29th Patchwall 1238: Kelston Ferry, Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
The PCs leave Kelston Ferry heading north on the Norsway and quickly catch up with a single wagon heading in the same direction. The wagon’s driver introduces himself as Wilhiem – a gnarly blond haired trader with a Skolanish accent.
354 xp each


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