Game 20: Blood in the Snow (Part V)

First Temple Campaign

1st Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway north of Kelston Ferry, Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
Leaving Wilhiem to his own fate the PCs ride on ahead of the merchant. They encounter a large group of refugees from Greenbrook who report the village destroyed by wyvern and a dragon whose scales were the colour of oak leaves. The PCs camp with the refugees overnight offering food and healing. Many refuse healing due to being followers of the old faith.

2nd Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway north of Geenbroook, Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
The PCs continue to ride north ignoring the village of Greenbrook, now determined to carry news of the attacks to Pirren’s Bluff or Selenica. Before the day is out they come upon the burnt out remains of eight wagons.

3rd Ready’reat 1238: Keth, Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
The PCs arrive in in the stone built hamlet of Keth and meet Mayor Ranstead and the Gnarley Ranger Gildon. With Gildon’s help the local militia was able to fight of the bandits two days ago. They stay the night and talk with the villagers – learning more facts about the attackers. They leave at first light.

5th Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway north of Keth – Cold, Overcast. Luna New Moon.
Half a day from Pirren’s Bluff the PCs encounter a merchant caravan under attack by mounted bandits and gnolls.
xp to be awarded after next session


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