Game 21: Blood in the Snow (Part VI)

First Temple Campaign

5th Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway north of Keth – Cold, Overcast. Luna New Moon.
The survivors of the attack on the merchant caravan hail the PCs as heroes and the their leader a merchant named Timlon begs for an escort back to Pirren’s Bluff. Otis sets off into the wilderness agreeing to meet up with the party on the other side of Pirren’s Bluff. They arrive at the town early that evening and camp outside the town wall with a host of other merchants and refugee’s. The PCs try unsuccessfully to get into the town and are told by the guards that the Baron has forbid anyone to enter or leave until the snows melt. They spend an evening of sharing news with merchants and scared villagers.

6th Ready’reat 1238: Pirren’s Bluff, Kron Valley – Cold, Overcast.
The next morning the PCs are confronted by Captain Blacklock – Pirren’s Bluff’s captain of the guard and asked to stop trying to scare the townsfolk and spreading anti-baron sentiments. The PCs set out for Selenica later that afternoon.

8th Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway north of Pirren’s Bluff – Cold, Overcast.
Early in the day the party spot a green dragon diving in and out of the thick clouds seemingly patrolling the northern edge of the Kron Hills. Later in the day they enter the frozen Roldston Marshes on the edge of Emridy Meadows. They notice four black wyvern approaching from the south each with an orc rider. They prepare themselves for the inevitable attack.
275 xp each


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