Game 22: Blood in the Snow (Part VII)

First Temple Campaign

8th Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway north of Pirren’s Bluff – Cold, Cloudy.
The PCs fight a quartet of black wyvern and their feral orc riders amidst the frozen marshes and willow trees of Rolston Marsh. The take the head of a wyvern and an orc and pile the remaining corpses as a warning to any further pursuit.

9th Ready’reat 1238: The Norsway, Emridy Meadow’s – Mild, Clear.
The temperature increases with every passing mile the party travel north of the Kron Hills. Looking back to the hills they observe a massive wall cloud stretching across the horizon rising thousands of feet into the stratosphere. A one point they catch the faintest glimpse of a structure built on the northern edge of the Hills – a tower or keep with flying creatures arriving and leaving. By the time they camp for the night the landscape is tinder dry.

10th Ready’reat 1238: Selenica – Hot, Clear Sky.
The party arrive at Selenica and immediately seek an audience with Viscount Wilfrick. After a brief meeting they are escorted to the Fortress Palace and in the map room meet Prince Marshall Thrommel IV, his court magician Falrinth and Archcleric Serten of St Cuthbert. Over the course of several hours they discuss the situation in the Kron Valley and learn of the Prince Marshall’s plans to raise an army to throw back the raiders and cultists. However, it will take time for the noble families of the Principality to gather their men-at-arms and knights and the Prince Marshall asks the party for their help. He describes the strategic importance of Pirren’s Bluff and asks that they travel there to make the Baron cooperate or capitulate. They are given a Sending Stone which will indicate when his expeditionary force is moving against Pirren’s Bluff and when they are to report to Emridy Meadow’s and meet with his army. He strongly urges them that he cannot afford to lose men fighting the Baron and the need to take Pirren’s Bluff intact. He also asks; time permitting, that the PCs investigate the Watchtower on the northern edge of the Kron Hills. The PCs are gifted items as a reward for their service to date and to aid them in the trials to come.
984 xp each


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