Game 24: Tower of the Last Baron (Part II)

First Temple Campaign

19th Sunsebb 1238: Piren’s Bluff – Cool and dry.
After being dismissed from the Barons court Rufus and Burne return to the Dead Well where Burne uses a ritual to gather information and pertaining to any tunnels or secret entrances into the Baron’s Keep. Rufus discovers the Baron’s men are everywhere watching the newcomers. Ko’Lag and Y’Dey spend time investigating Shenk’s Dog Yard and meet the labourer Bumbo before returning to the inn to rendezvous with Burne and Rufus.

Meanwhile Otis and Fernok scout the town looking for the mistletoe and yellow ribbon marker of Selenican sympathisers. They find none but do encounter Bumbo and the pitiful old cleric of Fharlanghn and eventually ending up drinking and talking with Tweiford Shenk. The rest of the PCs visit the Prospectors Guild and enlist the help of Tandifor Stroot – who has heard rumours of an old tunnel dug by a love struck ancestor of the baron and now hidden. He accompanies them to Shenk’s Dog Yard just in time for Bumbo to show up. They convince the simpleton to show them Shenk’s prized guard dogs as a ruse to search for the old tunnel entrance. Burne locates an unusual wooden section in the floor of an outbuilding being used as a kennel, Bumbo realises what the PCs are up to and momentarily drops his village idiot pretence. Ko’Lag moves quickly to restrain Bumbo and after an unsuccessful attempt to convince the PCs he is who he pretends to be he pulls a knife and starts struggling to escape. After being stabbed Ko’Lag loses his temper and slams the young man into the floor where a trapdoor gives way and Bumbo falls down a shaft. Back in Tweiford Shenk’s meagre home Otis and Fernok try desperately to cover up the commotion from the yard.
xp to be awarded after next session


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