Game 1: Hollow’s Last Hope - Part I
First Temple Campaign

3rd Patchwall 1238: Falcon’s Hollow, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and damp.
The party consisting of Burne, Rufus, Otis, Fernok, Y’Dey and Ko-Lag arrive in the sawdust chocked boomtown of Falcon’s Hollow. They take rooms in the Jak’o’Napes Inn run by the red faced and red haired Jak Crimmy and enlist the help of a local urchin called Jaque to act as a guide. As soon as they arrive they hear tell of a plague running rampant through the local population called the Blacksour Taint. After some investigation they learn from the local priest of Heironeous that the local healer and herbalist Laurel and the Sheriff Deldrin Baleson have boarded up a well in the low market which they believe to be the source. On the way to investigate the well the party see some thugs enforcing the local ‘Axe Tax’ on a poor lumberjack. This beating is being administered by Boss Payden “Payday” Teedum at Jaque’s urging they do not get involved. Investigation of the well identifies black fungal particles in the water and is quickly cut short by the arrival of the Sherriff and five men. He is courteous and answers questions asking the party to see Laural if they really want to help the good people of the town. After gaining admittance to Laurals shop by bypassing a queue of sick and hypochondriac locals they learn a little more about the disease and that it has already claimed 14 young and old residents. Otis and Fernok spend much of the afternoon trailing men surreptitiously watching the rest of the party. Two of these men appear to work for a local crime lord called Kadren Bloodeye and one for the Lumber Consortium.

4th Patchwall 1238: Falcon’s Hollow, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.
Blackshour Taint death toll now 17. Laural arrives at the parties lodgings holding one of her grandmothers’ recipe books. Scrawled in the back is a recipe for a possible cure although some of the ingredients are unknown to her. She says there is an old witch in the forest that may have one of the ingredients; a pickled root called Rats Tail (although she doesn’t know where to find her). The second ingredient; Elderwood mold is said to grow on the oldest tree in the wood and the third; seven Ironbloom Mushrooms that may be found in dwarven ruins to the north of the forest. The party decide to leave for one of the logging camps on the edge of Whitefire Vale to find a local guide. Upon leaving the town they are approached by Payday and his boss Gavel Thuldrin Kreed who tells them his children are infected and that he will pay 100 GP to the party to bring the cure to him as soon as Laurel has tested it on others.

100 xp each.

Game 2: Hollow’s Last Hope - Part II
First Temple Campaign

4th Patchwall 1238: Whitefire Vale, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry. 
The party arrive at the lumber consortium cutyard and question an old woodsman as to where they can find the oldest tree in forest, Uzmilla’s hut and the old dwarven monastery. Fernok heads back to town to investigate the Consortium and local crime boss. The rest of the party head into the forest of Whitefire Vale.

5th Patchwall 1238: Whitefire Vale, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry
Blacksour taint death toll at 17. The party continue north toward the lake at the heart of the vale. They encounter a hobgoblin hunter and his trained razorclaw crows. Back in Falcon’s Hollow Fernok sets Jaque’s crew of urchins to watching the towns’ wells. He spends his evening observing the local low life in the Rouge Lady.

6th Patchwall 1238: Whitefire Vale, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry
Blacksour taint death toll at 21. After nearly stumbling across a moorsnake the party locate the oldest tree in the forest and fight off its guardian; a vicious tatzylwurm.

150 xp each.

Game 3: Hollow’s Last Hope - Part III
First Temple Campaign

6th Patchwall 1238: Whitefire Vale, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.
The PCs cut down the three human corpses from the tatzylwurm’s tree but find little of value. Burne harvests a large quantity of Eldermoss from the bough of the tree. Meanwhile back in Falcon’s hollow Fernok foils a plot to contaminate the East Street well, disabling the suspect and delivering him into the care the Sheriff and Lorne of Heironious for questioning. Laurel the herbalist confirms that the suspect was carrying a waterskin thick with the Blacksour fungus.
7th Patchwall 1238: Whitefire Vale, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.
Blacksour taint death toll at 23. The Sheriff of Falcon’s Hollow provides Fernok with a guide and he sets out for the old dwarven monastery to meet the rest of the party. In the forest the PCs move west and locate Uzmilla’s cottage wherein they find no sign of the witch but are attacked by her animated cauldron and a whole field of scarecrow like twig blights. During the fight and resulting fire they manage to destroy the cottage but come away with the Rat’s Tail ingredient and a small horde of arcane material components. They camp west of Uzmilla’s clearing and find the wooden remains of Keld pixies pinned to a tree with hunters arrows. Early the next morning Ko-lag observes three black wyvern flying to the southeast.

100 xp each

Game 3: The Tainted Spiral - Part I
The Scar Campaign

12th Planting 1240: The Scar, Western Harfell – Warm, clear and dry.

Tannin rescues Yarpen and Rannos from the ruins of the ruined Goliath keep where the bullywugs had staked them out. He takes them back to his secure campsite where they spend a couple days recuperating.

18th Planting 1240: The Scar, Western Harfell – Warm, clear and dry.
Tannin and Yarpen head back to the Goliath keep and come across a new cave entrance low on the hill under the ruin. Investigating they find a cave illuminated with glowing crystals, six human corpses and a disturbing group of fell taint aberrations. After a hard fought fight one of the monsters escapes and the PCs retreat to their camp.

19th Planting 1240: The Scar, Western Harfell – Warm, clear and dry.
Venturing further into the maze of tunnels The PCs get lost and ambushed.

Game 4: Hollow’s Last Hope - Part IV
First Temple Campaign

8th Patchwall 1238: Whitefire Vale, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.

Blacksour taint death toll at 26. The PCs reunite with Fernok at the ruined dwarven monastery called Droskar’s Crucible. They scout the area finding numerous wolf tracks and a pair of old dwarven statues. After entering the deserted courtyard they investigate the guard tower and are attacked by large spiders, one of which is killed and other two are driven off into the nearby forest. The PCs enter the monastery by the front door and map the first couple of rooms; one a cloakroom and the other a bed chamber containing the dead remains of a dwarf. They leave both rooms undisturbed and move on to the great hall, a room dominated by a desecrated anvil of Moradin. Therein they are attacked by a pair of ravenous darkmantles.

145 xp each.

Game 5: Hollow’s Last Hope (Part V).
First Temple Campaign

8th Patchwall 1238: Early afternoon. Droskar’s Crucible, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.

The PCs continue their search of the ruined monastery and find the first Ironbloom mushroom in the skeletal remains of a dwarf. They also find evidence that the dwarf poisoned himself. After triggering a trap which drops rocks and a small anvil on Rufus, Fernok and Burne the PCs encounter an accomplished goblin slyblade hiding under a bed. After grievously wounding Fernok the goblin tries to escape while his trained dire-rats attack the party. Otis pins him to a wall with an arrow long enough for the party to bring him down. Further exploration uncovers a library of mouldy books and an armoury stripped bare. Backtracking the PCs enter an old office guarded by three grey wolves. One of the wolves retreats to an adjacent room and returns with a brutish black wolf male who attacks the party.

100 xp each

Game 6: Hollow’s Last Hope (Part VI)
First Temple Campaign

8th Patchwall 1238: Early afternoon. Droskar’s Crucible, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.
The PCs defeat Greypelt and his pack of she-wolves, and recover enough Ironbloom mushrooms to create Laurels cure. Badly battered and fatigued the party rest overnight in the ruined abbey.
9th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry. Blacksour taint death toll at 30. The PCs spend a short time exploring the rest of the surface ruin including a secret jail block full of restless dead. Descending to the first subterranean level the party hear goblin voices and the sound of stone working. They decide not to delay returning to the town any longer and leave the ruin. They cross the river and skirt around the forest heading toward Falcon’s Hollow. Ko-Lag is sure that something is watching the party from the tree-line but they never get to find out what.

10th Patchwall 1238: Falcon’s Hollow, Northern Kron Valley – Warm and dry.
Blacksour taint death toll at 32. The PCs arrive at Falcon’s Hollow and head directly to Laurel’s shop where she starts to brew the cure from her grandmother’s recipe book. The PCs remain onsite to stop hysterical townsfolk from bothering the herbalist. In the late afternoon Ko-Lag remains to protect the herbalist shop while Burne, guarded by the rest of the group, carries the cure to the church of Heironous. They are jostled by a massive crowd and watched by agents of the Lumber Consortium, local criminal groups and an individual wearing a badge marking him as a Ranger of the Gnarley. With the help of the Sheriff and his deputies they reach their destination. Lorne, the acolyte of Heironous thanks the group and starts to administer the cure. The PCs take one bottle of the cure to Gavel Kreed’s mansion and instead of taking his offered reward they talk him into dropping the axe-tax on his employees. They deliver Kreed’s written promise to the Sheriff for safe keeping. Finally they retire to the inn and enjoy a celebratory feast.

11th Patchwall 1238: Hollow, Northern Kron Valley – Warm, light rain.
During breakfast the PCs are approached with baked gifts from several town mothers and news that their loved ones are starting to get better.

16th Patchwall 1238: Hollow, Northern Kron Valley – Warm, dry.
Over the past five days everyone afflicted with the blacksour taint has recovered. The PCs have become minor celebrities, hailed in the street by ordinary townsfolk, targeted by minor criminals and celebrated (often with ale) by lumberjacks now free of the axe-tax. Children in the street can be seen pretending to be the brave adventurers on their grand adventure to save the town. Around midday, news arrives that a group of children were dared to spend a night in a local ruined orphanage and have not returned.
255 xp each

Game 7: Crown of the Goblin King (Part I)
First Temple Campaign

16th Patchwall 1238: Falcon’s Hollow, Northern Kron Valley – Warm, dry.
The PCs spend time researching the missing children and the burned out orphanage before setting out to investigate. They arrive late in the afternoon and find evidence of the children’s camp. In the basement of the ruin they find the spider infested body of an old woman missing her throat and evidence of macabre punishment. Tracks lead away to the west and show signs of both the children and a large group of small humanoids. Ko-lag senses something watching them from the tree-line and Fernok spends the rest of the day scouting the forest where he observes a feral looking girl shadowing the main party. Burne magically wards the camp against intruders and during Fernok’s watch the girl tries to sneak into camp. After tackling, restraining and much calming she introduces herself as Jeva, a survivor of the orphanage. She is starving and easily spooked. The PCs discover her wounds and uncover a little of what life at the orphanage entailed.

17th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Warm, dry.
The tracks of the humanoid band are easy to follow. They clearly moved at great haste and made no attempt to disguise their passage. By early evening the PCs find themselves back at the abandoned abbey of Droskar’s Cruicible. They descend the stairs to the rear of the abbot’s office to find a large room filled with goblins destroying a black stone obelisk.
62 xp each

Game 8: Crown of the Goblin King (Part II)
First Temple Campaign

17th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Warm, dry.

The PCs fight a large group of goblins in the entrance chamber with the broken obsidian obelisk and take one of the goblin slaves’ prisoner. The goblin, a lickspittle little coward called Kibbo tells them he is from a rival tribe and provides them with basic directions as to which way the ‘pink-skinned blood bags’ were taken to the king. He also warns the PCs to look out for the dwarven ghost that haunts the corridors. The PCs proceed and soon reach a large dwarven mess hall currently occupied by another squad of goblins. Ko-Lag storms into the room and challenges the red haired, chainmail wearing leader of the group. During the chaotic fight in which the goblins run around the room throwing javelins Ko-Lag is badly wounded. Jeva, standing behind the bulk of the PCs utters the phrase, ‘so much blood;’ changes into her Jackelware form and sets about ripping through the rear flank of the party. It takes the combined efforts of the entire party to subdue and bind her. As they do so they spot the ghostly apparition of a battle axe and dwarven plate armor approaching down the corridor behind them. The PCs drag the now unconscious Jeva into the kitchen, close the door and listen as the ghost moves through the mess hall. While waiting for the ghost to pass there is a minor earthquake that shakes the underground complex but causes no serious damage. It is now late evening and the party decide that Otis will try and take Jeva back to town to find a cure for her ‘sickness’ while the rest of the party search for the missing children. Otis leaves but soon returns with the disturbing news that the weather outside has turned on its head. The temperature is falling rapidly and snow is falling.
279 xp each

Game 9: Crown of the Goblin King (Part III)
First Temple Campaign

17th Patchwall 1238: Northern Kron Valley – Cool, light snow.
Otis leaves for town taking Jeva with him. The PCs continue to explore and come across an old dwarven ossuary. Two of the children; Mika and Sevram are trapped at the opposite end of corridor lined with cells containing the restless remains of long dead dwarves. The children are terrified but safe from the goblins that seem to avoid the room. They related a story in which they were imprisoned with a halfling adventurer on a lower level which can be accessed via a cooking pot and chain lift. During the escape the halfling and two of the children were downed by arrows or darts leaving Mika, Sevram and Jurin to make it to this level. Jurin was then split from the group in a smoky corridor with ‘dogs with glowing eyes’. Mika and Sevram ran into the ossuary several hours ago where they became trapped by the skeletons.

The PCs backtrack and investigate a steam filled room with a pool of hot spring water that is the home to three shocker lizards. They kill one of the lizards but are forced to retreat while Burne deters pursuit with an impressive fire spell.

A short distance from the steam room they find the headless corpse of a human explorer and chase of the dire rats trying to drag it away for food. In another room they find a pool of molten metal and two cave grick nesting in a ventilation chimney above.

Despite it being late evening the party press on convinced that the captured children do not have much time to live. They enter a circular room of doors with a strange central pillar of polished stone surrounded by headless skeletons and discarded weapons. They trigger a magnetic trap which pulls Rufus to the centre of the room and pulls the door by which they entered close. Y’Dey is left in the corridor outside trying to yank the door open while listening to the cries of her companions. The same magnetic field pulls open two of the inner doors releasing three devil-spawned, face-eating vargouilles.
170 xp each


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