Cyclopedia - Rangers of the Gnarley

The Rangers of the Gnarley is an organization of woodsmen dedicated to the welfare of the Gnarley Forest. The Rangers of the Gnarley number about 200. Most are human, though a few members are half-elves.

The Rangers of the Gnarley strive to bring together the good folk of the forest. They have very strong ties to the gnomes, most woodsmen, werebears, and swanmays of the Gnarley. The Rangers are very cautious in their dealings with elves; they are shown respect, but not trusted. They both respect the forest but in different ways. The Gnarley Rangers are not concerned with politics, and do not care about the squabbles of kingdoms beyond their borders. The Rangers keep a careful eye on the Kingdom of Lythandor influence along the southern edge of the forest fearing the kingdoms prosperity will increase its need for natural resources. Likewise they are suspicious of Selenica’s sponsorship of human settlements in the Kron valley region. However, they are pleased to see Selenica helping to protect the people of the Kron Hills and the Gnarley, and individual friendships between Selenica leaders and Rangers are not unknown.

The oath of allegiance is not very restrictive, but involves promises to defend the integrity of the Gnarley, to aid good folk in need, and to offer lip service to Ehlonna, goddess of the forest and hunters.

Rangers of the Gnarley maintain a loose organisation. Membership is by invitation only and each ranger carries (often in secret) a metal oak leaf token to indicate membership and rank.

Cyclopedia - Rangers of the Gnarley

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