Slose your eyes and picture if you will a world not unlike Earth, green and fertile lowlands giving way to great mountain ranges and vast deserts, the continents surrounded by sapphire oceans.

A milky coloured moon orbits the planet. Its smaller cyan coloured twin measures the passing of seasons.

The scene shifts closer to the planet and you find yourself looking down upon the north-eastern corner of the continent of Enderrin. A trackless ocean extends to the eastern horizon.

A huge forest dominates the subcontinent – the elven Silvenwood, ancient and timeless. In its southern reaches lies the Ranger court of Derthillion, the guardians of the Ysaril Ilifori. To the north the great dwarven realm of Darig-Bellenor and between them the Twelve Shires.

To the west, the inland seas and mighty righteous Aladorn.

To the northwest the once mighty Magiocracy of Vesk and in its shadow the forest kingdom of Waylan.

To the east of the Silvenwood the merchant kingdom of Ravarn; the sprawling city of Lathen; war-torn Skoland and Nord, home to barbarian tribes and snow elves.

The great island of Raielôth with its orcish hordes to the south and beleaguered human kingdoms to the north.

South of the elven wood beyond the Sea of Silver Storms lie the city states of the Dread Sea Peninsula and further south the Halfling lands of Rœlan


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