Game 23: Tower of the Last Baron (Part I)

First Temple Campaign

18th Sunsebb 1238: The Norsway north of Selenica – Cool and wet. Luna Full Moon.
After several weeks of rest and recuperation (and much drinking and carousing by Fernok) the PCs depart Selenica and head for Piren’s Bluff. One final meeting with Viscount Wilfrick updates them to the latest intelligence regarding the bandits and the Baron of Piren’s Bluff. South of the city they find the Whitefire River swollen and Rolston Marshes flooded. The melting snow has transformed every road and trail into a mud bath – the trip is not pleasant or quick.

19th Sunsebb 1238: Piren’s Bluff – Cool and dry.
The party arrive at Piren’s Bluff to find its gates open again. They enter the town in three separate groups to avoid suspicion. The lead group consisting of Burne and Rufus manage to gain an audience with the Baron to ask him outright to back Selenica in the coming conflict. After a frustrating and intimidating conversation they leave the Barons keep with the warning that if Selenica move against Piren’s Bluff the Baron will have them hung!
xp to be awarded after next session


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